Invention USA Episode Guide Season 2

Inventions USA Episode List

Episode List of Inventions seen on the Show Season 2
 Below is a list of all the inventors seen on Invention USA during Season 2. With 8 episodes this season, there is a total of 16 new inventions that were featured on the History Channels Hit Show. As in season 1, some of these inventions have become very successful, and a few there is very little information on what happened after the show. In fact some of these contestants I was unable to find the appropriate information and will update when uncovered. If you have any more information you would like to add, please use the comment section below.

Episode 1: Get The Fork Out of Here  (11/26/2012)

- Throngs is a new form of silverware devoted to messy finger foods. Never use another napkin eating the messiest Barbecue ribs you can imagine.

- RES-Q-Pod is a "Reliable Emergency Shelter" Pod that could save lives during a Tsunami or heavy rains. The shelter holds two people secured inside the rescue pod secured in race car seats with a 5 point harness to keep you secure.

Episode 2: Scotty's Dust Up  (11/28/2012)

- Dus-T Mask is a reusable dust mask that's always ready to use when you need one. The Dus-T face mask is built right into the collar of a T-shirt which is always ready to use within seconds.

- must have camping product,,,that seems to be hiding from snakes (on the Internet)

Episode 3: What The Hail Is It? (11/28/2012)

- Hail Protector is a balloon-like protector that protects your entire vehicle from Hail and Major Thunder Storms. After so many severe storms recently, I would imagine they are keeping very busy.

- million and one inventions and not a single mention I can find.


Episode 4: Shock and Flaw  (12/05/2012)

- Electric Crossbow Stun Gun

- The Tree Rider is a Motorized Tree Stand that climbs tree's all by itself. This battery operated tree stand will have you up and hunting in no time.

Episode 5: Football 2.0  (12/05/2012)

- NTS Laser is a 21st Century Electronic First Down Marker that is always spot on. When the game is determined by inches, the NTS puts the ball exactly where it should be placed every time.

- Grilln N Chillin Trailers are Custom Portable Grills setup for tail gate parties or any outdoor event with a large gathering that needs to eat. The Grillin N Chill in trailers come equipped with 8 propane burners, deep fryer, on board generator and plenty of food storage to feed everyone.

Episode 6: Full Throttle  (12/12/2012)

-Off Road Ride to Replace ATV
-Make Clean Water out of Thin Air

Episode 7: Stop in the Name of Glove (12/12/2012)

- Glove made by Dad to protect Daughter

- The Human Hoist was started by two Cousins from Motor City with $50k and 2 years research to built the ultimate mechanic crawler.

Episode 8: It Does What?  (12/19/2012)


-The Leaf Pac turns leaves into cash making a logs to burn. This machine can make a fire log using leaves that will burn at 300 degrees for up to 3 hours.

Please help fill in the blanks on the few missing contestants and inventions missing from our list.