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Leaf Pac on Invention USA

Leaf Log Maker - Season 2 Episode 8 

Seen on Invention USA Season 2, episode 8
Rusty Ashby
Inventor of the Leaf Pac

 Rusty Ashby came on the History Channels Invention USA with this ingenious machine The Leaf Pac that turns leaves and yard debris into firewood for your fireplace. I must say this invention resembles a log splitter more then anything else, but it's one cool tool that all rental yards should have and renting them out.

By taking your normal yard/tree debris and leaves you normally rake up and pay to have hauled away to the landfill, the Leaf Pac will take that same material and within 5 to 8 minutes make a log that will burn for a sold 2 to 3 hours. There's not that many types of trees cut for firewood that last that long, but now thanks to this invention your leaves can now become a viable heat source.

Making Firewood with the Leaf Pack Log Maker

In the video below Rusty fires up his Leaf Pac Leaf Log and begins stuffing the built on hopper full of yard debris. Using a stick he simply keeps the leaves feeding into the tube and then a hydraulic ram compacts them into a 6" cylinder. It's easy to see you could compact a good sized bag of debris into a single log.

It only takes Ashby about 5 minute to fill the cylinder full of compacted leaves and make an 18" piece of firewood. Not bad considering it will burn for a few hours for only 5 minutes of your time. That's also a whole lot of material that you wont have to pay to bury it at the landfill while cutting down on the amount of firewood to get through the winter.

According to the Leaf Pack Website one of these machines assembled by Rusty himself, will set you back a little over $3200.00. Not the cheapest way to dispose of  your yard and tree debris, but then again you are also making something out of a waste product that is now a viable commodity that could be sold at a competitive price's.

How many leaf logs can you make in a day? Obviously that would all depend on the yard material being used and how motivated you are at the task at hand. It looks simple enough that a ten year old would have little time mastering the skills needed, so it all comes down to motivation.

Leaf Pack on Invention USA
The Leaf Pac also makes the
Ultimate Can Crusher
On Rusty's FaceBook page he posted not long ago he just set a personal best record making 32 logs in a single day. Taken into consideration several smoke breaks and cold one in between, Ashby believes he could easily beat that record if he was ever motivated enough to do so. If you were real motivated making leaf logs to supplement your income or even make a living with an unlimited supply of free material, you most likely could make 50 to 60 Leaf Pack Logs per day. At $5 to $7 per log sold, you could make a nice reasonable profit and pay for the machine in no time.

Leaf Pac Update

Rusty was unable to make a deal on Invention USA but is still busy custom building the Leaf Pac's to keep up with demand. Another cool use for the machine can be used for making Can Pack's using aluminum cans. At the price they are paying for aluminum these days, I wonder how much a solid aluminum log would even be worth? Either way it has to be the King of can crushing portable machine's of all time.

According to the website Rusty is still looking for an investor so he can start mass producing his invention on a much larger scale and keep manufacturing them here is the USA. With a little imagination, this is one machine that really could help the environment, the landfills and your pocket book all at the same time.

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Rusty Ashby on FaceBook
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