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 The NST Laser System is a 21st century laser system invented for the 1st down chains in Football. When a football game can be determined by accuracy on whether or not a team gets a 1st down, the NST Laser System is clearly the ultimate choice. What better then a laser beam that tells you EXACTLY where the ball needs to be placed. There is no second guessing and wasted time compared to the 20th century ways with a chain and a couple of sticks running on the field. This really is a cool invention that needs to be implemented in all College and Professional Football teams. One less thing for the ref's to screw up.

 Norman Harty from Albuquerque New Mexico, has been working on this invention for over 10 years developing the ultimate laser beam that could work at long distances during the day time. Harty has a patent on this revolutionary new product that will help revolutionize the game of football as we know it. It's faster, more efficient and is always right on the money when inches count.

The NST Laser Technology had an article done by the Chicago Tribune back in May of 2006 which gained a lot of notoriety but not the funding it needs to go main stream. Getting on Invention USA has once again brought the laser technology back into the spotlight as we enter more into the digital age. When millions are at stake in a College or Pro Football game, the 1st Down Laser Beam seems like pretty cheap insurance, not to mention the fact it takes the human element out of the equation and gives you the correct placement every time.

How much does the NST Laser cost?

We'll, again, if you look on the website you will not find any information on how much the 1st down laser costs. I don't get why so many cool inventions that have a website neglect to answer the #1 question folks will be looking for. Making it hard for the consumer to know how much it costs, will deter even the most motivated consumer or potential investor. You may have the best invention in the world but if the numbers don't make sense then it's easy to move onto something else, thus eliminating a potential sale or investment for neglecting this important information. According to the article dated over 6 years ago, the NST Laser had a price tag of $3500-$4000 for the standard model and $6500-$7000 for the pro series. I have no idea if these prices are still accurate but it gives you an idea how much this technology costs. Not cheap, but in the long run it would pay for itself in speeding up the game and taking the guesstimate away from the refs.
Norman Hardy has been in talks with the NFL and appears to be making strides in getting the 1st Down Laser Beam implemented in Professional Football. Though it might be a few more years to get to that level, it has already made History in a High School Football Game in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The best way to see the the NST Laser in action is during a real football game making it's debut.

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