Motorized Tree Stand

The Tree Rider on Invention USA

Electric tree stand seen on History Channel
Original Motorized Tree Stand
  The Tree Rider is a battery operated tree stand that climbs the tree and takes you up like your riding in a elevator. Really! The Tree Rider was first invented by Tony Moran so he could still go hunting with his brother that developed Multiple Scoliosis. They needed a light weight motorized tree stand that was portable enough to get through the thick terrain while out hunting. After a lot of trial and error and several pro to-types, Moran had a working model to demonstrate on the Invention USA Show shown on the History Channel
 So far they had invested $100k over the last 5 years developing this invention. Not only will it climb a tree all by itself but it is also strong enough to use as a winch when field dressing your game. The battery life is good for up to 10 climbs while out hunting and you can even charge your GPS and cell phones
while waiting for that big Buck to come along. As an added accessory, you can also get a solar powered charger to keep the batteries fully charged.
Tree Rider Electric Tree Stand on Invention USA

As with any good invention, the Tree Rider had a few design flaws that became apparent rather fast as Reichart Von Wolfshield and Anthony Garrett found out rather quickly.  The Tree Rider started to crawl back down the tree when it was 25' in the air. It's kind of hard to believe they didn't have some kind of slip device built into the motorized tree stand, but apparently not.
They liked the concept and pointed out a few ideas that Tony took to heart and implemented them in the design before a meeting with Don Schneider, an investor with a large manufacturing company. Schneider an avid hunter himself, likes the idea and gives them the green light for a manufacturing deal.

After Invention USA Update

The Tree Rider website has been completely redone and looks great. They are in the manufacturing stage and currently accepting orders to buy your own Electric Tree Stand and guarantee you will have it by this next hunting season. The cost for the complete system is $799.00 available on their website. To reserve yours today you can either pay for it all or a 50% deposit and the remainder due prior to shipping.

I can't help but think of other uses that the Tree Rider could be used for. For example this could also be used for trimming your tree's. It might require a different style of bucket then the tree stand one but the idea would remain the same. To climb up the tree and get you to the next branch. Just a cool invention with a lot of possibilities.

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  1. really your post is very informative about weight motorized tree stand

  2. One of the most innovative hunting equipment that every hunter can look to purchase is the Tree Rider. It is a battery operated tree stand, and brings the sport of hunting to a much easier task, as having this tree stand will help have a more successful hunt. Invented by Tony Moran, who initially invented this gadget for his brother who has Mutliple Scoliosis. this mechanical tree stand can climb and tree, with you on it. It feels like you are going up on an elevator. It is a light gadget, but still sturdy enough to keep you up there without a hitch. It can also go back down easily. Currently, it has a maximum height of 25’, but more design improvements are to be in place for the later versions.


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