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Human Hoist on Invention USA

Season 2 on the History Channel

Seen on History Channel Invention USA Now here is an invention that could only come from the USA. Kevin Ferguson and Eric Brittingham came on Invention USA with The Human Hoist, the mechanics choice of tools in the 21st century. It's basically a creeper for getting under a vehicle on steroids. With the Human Hoist you can easily go from a sitting position all the way to 4" laying on the ground within seconds and then right back up again. I must say I actually started laughing out load when I first seen it demonstrated. Not because of what you might be thinking but because it was just a cool looking invention that has instant appeal to anyone that uses a mechanics creeper for a living. This is a major time saver for any mechanic that would speed up production and eliminate the need for a second mechanic handing you tools. The hoist is powered by a 18 volt rechargeable battery with built in hydraulics and spring torsion for full automation and adjustments at any level. This thing looks like a lot of fun whether you are working on a vehicle or not.

as seen on Invention USA
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Human Hoist Update

Unfortunately the Human Hoist does not have much of a web site that offers much more information on their invention. Once again, there is no way to order (or even pre-order) a Human Hoist if you are interested in how much they even cost. By the looks of it, probably not very cheap, but it's only my guess it will be in the mid 4 figure range. Hopefully they will be selling these in the near future as it's sure to be a big success when they do.

The site says they are still looking for active investors in the Human Hoist but they are in talks with Dr. Power who is doing market surveys at this time. They also state there is not a deal with Dr. Power as of yet, so this may prove to be a good investment if you act fast.

There is no doubt that mechanics will see many added benefit's with a new tool like this, the only question is "How Much Does the Human Hoist Cost"? and when can I buy one?

Visit Human Hoist Website Here


  1. This is an awesome hoist system that they have set up there. Supper cool stuff how they did that.

  2. I was in the aircraft maintenance busines for 40 years and one of these hoists would have been a godsend.

  3. This is a great invention!! Who would have ever thought the human hoist.... well I guess just about everything you can imagine someone is making it happen! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is usual for many applications. What a wonderful invention.

  5. i got a email saying i can buy 1 of these finally,but the price has come uo to $3500.00!!!!!!!!!

  6. They should present it on Kickstarter and get ready to go into production.

  7. I want buy one!!!!!!! hope they start production soon
    I would give a 1,000 easy for one of these.
    getting old as a heavy line mechanic on class 7 and 8 semi trucks

  8. I would love to have one of these. A bit pricey, I'm sure but it would come in handy. I have a knee replacement and when I fall, I am down. Since I can't put weight on my knees, it makes getting up very difficult. This would be perfect. I have been wondering why someonde has not made soemthing like this for helping people get up for years. Also, cleaning out low cabinets gets to be a problem when you have back or knee problems, This would be the perfect thing to allow you to get down and clean out the cabinet. I sort of hate to mention medical as that would make the price go up drastically. Those of us in need for something like this, need a break!


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