Trongs on Invention USA

Featured on 11-26-2012
Trong's on History Channel Invention Show

Now here is a cool invention with a purpose. The Trong's was the seasons opener for Invention USA on the History Channel. So what's a Trong? It's the ultimate new utensil for finger foods that has a lot of potential. This is the perfect invention for eating the messiest Barbecue ribs that you can imagine. It's almost like having the claw of a lobster to grab your food and enjoy eating the messiest food's all while keeping your hands perfectly clean.

 There is a half dozen different Bar-B-Que Restaurants in this town alone. The Trong's should be in all of them as they could easily pay for themselves very quickly. Many people love a thick layer of barbecue sauce on their meat as long as you have a pile of napkins. With this invention it's much easier to consume your favorite finger foods without the mess or all the wasted napkins.
The Trong's are made out of polymer that is food safe and dishwater safe so you can re-use them just like any silverware. As you can see by the picture, it is really easy to pick up even the messiest of foods. This would also be a good idea for anyone that works with their hands without washing.
Unfortunately on the Invention USA show they gave very little detail of the type of manufacturing deal they were given. The Trong's Website is not much help either other then they are still seeking investors. To bad they didn't get this on the Shark Tank Show because they probably could do very we'll having someone like Lori Greiner backing this invention.