The Dus-T Mask

The Dus-T Mask on Invention USA Show

  Filtered T-Shirt Mask - Season 2 Episode 2

seen on Invention USA Season 2 episode 2
Many Uses For The Dus-T t shirt with Built-in Face Mask

 The Dus-T is a cool invention seen on Invention USA back in November of 2012. It's basically a patented t-shirt that has a built-in face mask around the collar. At a moments notice you can deploy the mask and protect yourself from dust, wind, airborne pollutants and extreme cold.

The more I think about the Dus-T shirts, the more uses I keep coming up with to buy a few of these. For instance I have been in the Tree Industry for several years as a High Climber. Most of the time it's not so bad working 100+ ft. off the ground with the standard protective helmet that does a decent job protecting your eyes, ears and face. That is until the wind starts blowing and covers you in chips. You move to the other side of the log your sectioning off and instead of the chips, you get gassed out by the saw itself. Your only alternative was to bring up a traditional throw away protective mask up with you (ya right) or just hold your breathe during those critical cuts. There is not a single Tree Company out there that could easily see the benefits of wearing a Dust-T t-shirt for all it's climbers and groundsmen.

I'm also an avid Bow Hunter which would also be another big plus when it comes to the Dus-T tshirt masks. SOB if they didn't already think of making a camouflage t-shirt with a built-in camouflage mask that can be deployed in seconds. No more painting your face or having it frozen when your out hunting.

Perhaps the biggest market for the Dus-T shirt masks may come from the U.S. Military for all our troops oversees in the sand belt regions around the world. Anyone that has ever been in a dust storm knows how difficult it is to breathe and that's the last thing you need to be worrying about in a combat situation. Sure they already have bandannas to help in these situations, but the Dus-T is sewn right into the t-shirt that guarantees it will always be there and protecting you from harmful elements within seconds.


Dus-T Flame Resistant and Dust T Extreme Update

With such a cool invention that covers several markets, why not make a Dus-T version for the folks that deal with heat and fire on a daily basis? Great Idea! They now make a flame resistant tshirt with a mask specifically for welders. These t-shirts are guaranteed flame resistant for life. The Dust-T Extreme is not currently available but you can have one made by special order. These are guaranteed not to burn or ignite in extreme heat. An additional layer of protective clothing for our Firefighters and Forest Fighters perhaps? It just seems like cheap insurance to own a few of these very unique t-shirt's.

For more information on this 100% Made in the USA product visit the Dus-T website.

Video testing out this cool invention on "Invention USA Show" on the History Channel.


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