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Invention USA Season 1
  The Invention USA first season Premiered on the History Channel on December 9th, 2011.
Below is a list of all the Inventors and their Inventions seen in all episodes from season 1. The first season consists of 5 episodes and 10 inventions they found traveling  around in the USA. While some may be a little far fetched in becoming a successful product, others have become wildly successful after being seen on the History Channel's Invention USA.

Episode 5: Copper and Robbers

- Copper Cop is designed to stop thieves from stealing copper from a number of products containing valuable copper.

- Pigeon and Pest Control Devise called “Roscoe: One Bad Bird” that does all the dirty work. This over sized mechanical bird will keep any pigeon or unwanted bird off your property.

Episode 4: Inventor on Board

- Motor Cross Boards are what you get when you take a skateboard and motocross and put them together. Looks like a lot of fun.

- The Compass Belt is just that, a belt with a built in compass. Instantly know which way is North or South without using a compass.

Episode: Scraping By (12/16/2011)

- Ceiling Scraper is a paint scraper and popcorn ceiling removal tool that is completely dustless.

- Safely Harness that could revolutionize the safety harness industry. Many harnesses to choose from depending on your occupation.

Episode 3: Helter Shelter

- Life Cube is an inflatable emergency shelter that sets up in 5 minutes complete with power and everything you need to survive.
-Landon Ladder can be stabilized on any un level surface. This ladder has thought of everything to insure your safety while up in the air.

Episode 2: Think Outside the Box

- Cardboard box tuns into Upright Bass that you can actually play. The next time you want to play a large Bass but it's too heavy and bulky to carry around, just pull out your cardboard Upright Bass and your ready to play.

- Escape from skyscrapers in an emergency using The Easy Down Descender. Enables anyone to escape from high places as high as 400 feet in a safe and fast decent.

Episode 1: Great Balls of Fire

- The Fireball Weapon is a modified paintball gun that fires a potassium-based incendiary munitions for stopping wild animal attacks. Jim LeBus is a wilderness survival expert in search of Bigfoot.

- Phone Glove is a cell phone built right into a glove. This hands free cellphone (except for holding your glove up to your ear) will always keep you connected at a moments notice.

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