Personal Energy Generator

N Power PEG

Create Natural Power From Kinetic Energy
Personal Energy Generator
Now here is an invention that really could change the world. The N Power PEG made by Tremont Electric guarantees you can generate enough energy to charge your cell phones and tablet's from the kinetic energy you naturally produce from your movement's. Aaron and Jill LeMieux from Cleveland, Ohio have created the ultimate personal energy generator that keeps on ticking whenever you are in motion.
The N Power Peg is the perfect energy generator when out backpacking in the outdoors or an essential tool to add to your emergency survival kit. What would you do if your power was shut off right now? Do you have a power source that could charge the batteries in your smart phone or i-pad? With the N Power PEG personal energy generator that's one (potentially life threatening) problem you will never have to worry about.
Aaron LeMieux may have first invented the personal energy generator out of necessity when hiking all 1,500 miles of the Appalachian Trail. He carried everything he needed but could not generate his own energy for his battery operated gadgets. The mechanical engineer had plenty of time to think while carrying his backpack of all the kinetic energy being generated as he made the long journey.
NpowerPEG personal energy converterAfter 10 years of testing, LeMieux had his first working naturally powered generator and started Tremont Energy in 2008 with $100,000.00 in working capital. Breaking into uncharted waters was a little challenging to say the least and the money dried up fast before it got the attention it deserved. The tipping point came when LeMieux got a $55,000.00 loan from North Coast Opportunities Technology Fund that helped it get past this difficult time before investors started taking notice. In 2010 Aaron took 2nd place in the Consumer Electronics Ass. for his invention. Earlier this year, in 2012, he again took 2nd place for the Edison Award for power generation.

Harnessing Kinetic Energy

Aaron currently holds 5 patents for his kinetic energy generators and in the process of taking his invention to a whole new level. His personal generators will harness "Any kinetic energy" from just about anything that's moving. This has lead Aaron to begin work on a commercially viable and patented new invention called the Wave Energy Converter that harnesses the energy from waves. He claims that just one buoy will generate enough energy to power up to 20 homes. This is one of the cleanest and naturally made energy ever invented.
Currently the N Power PEG retails for $199.00 online or you can purchase them at most REI stores (Recreational Equiptment Inc.) They may not exactly be very cheap just yet for this new technology but in an emergency it would be worth it's weight in gold, approx. 1 pounds worth to be exact. As with any new technology, expect the price's to come down as demand continues to grow.
This is a Great New Invention Made in the U.S.A.