Jet Pack For Skiing

Jet Pack on Invention USA

Season 1
Troy Hartman demonstrates Jet Pack on Ski's
A friend of Garrett's by the name of Troy Hartman shows up at the shop with a genuine Jet Pack that he made. Only this Jet Pack was invented to give you an added boost while skiing. Your own personal jet pack while on ski's. Sound a little dangerous? Or should I say adventurous. Either way Troy was determined that his invention would work. Garrett's first question was how much thrust does this pack produce? Hartman confidently says it will reach 200 pounds. The physics of a 200 lb. man with 200lb's of thrust, on ski's, doesn't exactly add up to a successful combination. So Garrett thought and tried to explain why this untried idea couldn't possibly work. That's when Reichart Von Wolfsheild enters the room and confirms this Jet Pack for Ski's would never work. He basically draws a grim picture of someone on ski's hitting a tree going very fast and then the Jet Pack catching fire and ruining someones day.
A Good Idea is Worth Testing First

The duo inventors do what inventor's do. They set up a demonstration for the new invention to test how feasible it is in a real life situation. The Jet Pack is filled with kerosene that burns much like jet fuel would when ignited. Surprisingly Troy has built the proto-type, but has never actually tested it out. They first demonstrate if the kerosene were ever to leak out and catch fire, it would stick to your clothing and continue to spread. Hartman leaves more determined then ever that his invention will work.
A few weeks later Troy has a working pro to-type and is out on the ski slopes ready to try his new invention. Both Reichart & Garrett are watching him via Skype. He lights the Jet Pack, gets into a forward skiing position and AWAY He Goes. The only small little problem was there didn't seem to be any way to slow it down or shut it off in case of an emergency. As long as you have plenty of room that's hopefully not to steep, I think you'll be alright.
A cool invention but personally I think I will stick to skiing using gravity as my propellant.