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The History Channel is bringing back Invention USA for a second Season starting November 26, 2012. Invention USA first aired last December 9th, 2011 staring two inventors themselves, Reichart Von Wolfsheild and Antony Garrett Lisi who travel around the USA looking for brand new invention's.
There was only 6 episodes last year and we want to find out how successful they have become since being featured on the History Channel.

Oh No, not another reality t.v. show. We'll, yes. But unlike most reality shows on t.v. these days, Invention USA, just like the Shark Tank Show, is one that gets your creative juices flowing. They make you think, think that you too can take an idea and make it a Success. What better way could there be to make a living then by taking an idea and turning it into a business? Or maybe turning your invention into a royalty check for every product sold. Maybe it's not an invention that changes the world, but it's a cool invention that people will buy and that "You" Invented.

Not much to go on the first two episodes of season 2 but it's a start and I believe they can make this Invention Show just as successful as some of their other not so reality, reality shows that are currently in circulation. It's A Great Idea and I look forward to seeing many more super cool inventions in the future.

Tune into the History Channel between 10 and 11 p.m. (check your local listings)

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